Providing care for those

with behavioral issues.

As people are faced with declines in their independence due to the effects of changes in physical function, medical condition, and psychosocial well-being, there is an increased need for a supportive and enhanced environment which allows individuals to function at their highest level. This living environment enables people to maintain a sense of dignity, pride, and control in their lives.

With these challenges comes a manifestation of various behavior concerns that impede a person’s ability to function daily. The behaviors can include but are not limited to: anger, anxiety, depression, physical/verbal aggression, decreased self-esteem, paranoia, inappropriate toileting, poor hygiene, and isolation.

The CopperSands program is designed to identify and understand these challenges and their resulting behaviors by providing an environment, under the guidance of the team, in which a person can regain as much independence and control over their life as possible.

Catalina Village offers a semi-structured in-house behavioral program in Tucson, AZ that allows those who are struggling with behavior problems to live in a setting where they are receiving care to address those issues.

Our behavioral treatment team consists of the Program Director, Care Coordinator, Director of Nursing and Activities/Social Service Director. The individual’s Case Manager is involved in the ongoing treatment planning process. This treatment team oversees and facilitates the daily process carried out by our highly trained associates. Together, we develop a written behavior treatment plan to ensure that the behaviors are addressed in a focused manner right from the beginning. We meet with behavioral residents regularly to discuss their progress toward their goals, and to set new goals.

We provide in depth behavioral management training to personnel in every department. They receive specialized training on a regular basis to allow them to routinely interact with behavioral residents. All of our employees are expected to understand each behavioral resident's unique needs and tendencies. They utilize interventions identified on each resident's individual treatment plan. They also routinely document and report behavior changes or issues to the treatment team to enable the process of ongoing treatment plan development.

Our setting offers a level of comfort, social support, and independence, which provides the motivation to respond to the behavioral program and maintain a safe, secure and balanced lifestyle.

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